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Startup Acceleration

Image by Launde Morel

Co-Pilot Plan

My approach for startup acceleration is based on working with founders that have a need for support beyond mentoring, but are not ready to bring fulltime experts onboard.

The challenges faced are typically the next version of the "pitch deck" encompassing a detailed description of market opportunity, size, competition, value proposition, GTM, business model, operational model and financial model. It lays out a blueprint for the further development and acceleration of your company. A pitch deck will be a subset of the information based on audience and purpose.

Common is the need for strategic thinking and practical advise (mentoring) but also hands-on work improving the company roadmap (consulting), then sales and marketing needs to be set up. The GTM strategy needs pragmatic development and testing with a focus on lead generation (marketing and sales execution).

The Co-Pilot Plan offers a package of startup founder mentoring, deliverable (pitch deck/blueprint) focused consulting, the practical development and execution of the sales and marketing plan, and the scale-up of operations, including high level process design and technology options.

"Co-Pilot is like having a temporary fractional Chief Operating Officer/Chief Commercial Officer by your side, blending strategic thinking with hands-on execution across a broad spectrum of business expertise" 

The duration of the Co-Pilot Plan is in the range of 3 - 9 months and fractional means part-time. Every startup founder has different needs and every Co-Pilot Plan needs customization and may even require full time support. Also, Co-pilot can evolve into long-term roles such as Advisory Board positions. 


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