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Startup Acceleration and Midsized Post M&A Turnaround




Design + Grow

Strategic Business Planning, Operational Management Framework Creation, Go to Market Strategies, Sales Model Design, Pitch Deck /  Investor Presentations, Recruitment and Development, Lead Generation Strategies, Value Articulation and Messaging,  Sales and Marketing Management,  Operations Management


Change + Turnaround

Operational Restructuring, Commercial Change Management, Marketing Overhaul, Commercial Performance Audit, Sales Model Redesign,

KPI and Measurement Redesign

Pitch Deck / Investor Presentation 


H. Mark Meijer is a seasoned sales & marketing executive, with broad international business, operations and governance experience. 

From 2012-2016 he worked in the intellectual property/legal advisory and asset management business with European leaders Zacco and Novagraaf. Mark served both as a group sales and marketing director and CEO. In his sales role he built a sales organization and processes, as well as starting the transformation for digital business.


In his CEO-role (and acting HR director) he successfully restructured a company with considerable staff reduction and streamlining processes and organization. He is experienced in working with private equity, integration and company divestment.

In the years 2007-2011 Mark worked in the recruitment consulting and staffing business as sales director and managing director with RGP, Manpower and Boyden. In his 12 year tenure with Gartner he worked across the full spectrum of IT and business transformation, pioneering global account management with Shell, BP, Atos IT and Philips Electronics. Mark is recognized for his sales achievements and entrepreneurial spirit leading to a new global service practice.

Mark, a native of the Netherlands, resides permanently in  the New York Metro Area since 2018 and is the President of Management & Consulting and specializes in growth acceleration and post M&A  turnaround of mid-sized PE  portfolio companies.

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 I have worked with Mark in his position of both General Manager of Elan and CEO of Zacco (former Shieldmark). We have worked closely on the restructuring of Zacco before the company was sold to NLO (Nederlands Octrooi bureau). Mark is a sharp, intelligent person with a sharp business focus and a good eye for people and the human factor. Because of his great communication skills he has the ability to get the best out of a team and the people therein with the business goals in mind.


Joost Quant

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