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Global Consumer Platform for Performing Arts
MVP market testing, Seed stage

Review of Pitch Deck prior to fund raising. Recommendations of improved structure and focus of messaging. Specifically on definition of value proposition and go-to-market strategy and sales organization in the US. Completed funding round. 

Dear Mark, I'm really touched by the effort you put into this. I appreciate this a lot and I can promise you I will take your feedback in and rethink the deck. Thank you so much! 

Founder and  CEO
FinTech Application
MVP ready, pilot customer, Seed stage

Initial deck review followed by Deep Review Report with broad range of recommendations with focus on solution definition and positioning and financial projection and investment plan. Funding strategy in progress.

Hi Mark ! Thanks for your feedback and comments earlier. It really helped us to improve. I was curious if you have some time in the coming weeks to help us with advice. 

Founder and  CEO
Software Application
Pilot customers, in-revenue, bootstrapped

 Deep Review Report with broad range of recommendations with focus on solution refinement and positioning, commercial strategy, pricing and licensing.  Consultancy focused on developing a strategic partnerships and winning a break through tender. Resulted in value based pricing mindset 10x.

Thanks for taking the time to review and provide feedback. You are very much appreciated. I want to hire your consultancy to best prepare for ..[strategic partnership agreement].

Co-Founder, COO and  Investor
Life Sciences
Patented IP, PoC developed, Seed stage

 Deep Review Report with broad range of recommendations along all topics regarding investor readiness and preparing for a seed funding round.

That is an intense dive, and it will be a great conversation tomorrow, thanks...regarding the internalization process, we will need a few days to talk about everything connected to you and your possible role

CEO, Investor, University lecturer in Startups and Pitch Deck development 
Med Tech
Patented IP, PoC in development, Seed stage

 Deep Review Report with broad range of recommendations along all topics structuring of information as well as suggest better precision of language,  product suite, competitive positioning and presentation of technology.

I reviewed your feedback and greatly appreciated your in depth review. Very impressive. There were some really great points in there, some less so, but that’s probably more personal stylistic than professional objectivity. In any case, I really greatly appreciate your work. Always great to meet outstanding talents like yourself!

CEO and Founder, Head of Creative 
Media & Gaming
IP in development, Pre-Seed stage

 Deep Review Report with broad range of recommendations focusing the team organization, IP protection and GTM launch strategy.

Hi Mark, thank you so much for your time and notes. I really appreciate you doing this... I look forward to connecting and moving forward....Thanks for the great call. [follow up meeting on potential partner introduction and revision of strategy]

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