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Pitch Deck
Deep Review Report

My Approach to Reviewing Your Pitch Deck

As a mentor and advisor, my approach to reviewing pitch decks goes beyond the conventional investor's brief scan. Unlike the typical 1-3 minutes spent by investors, I invest approximately 4 - 6 hours, and sometimes more, carefully studying your value proposition, business model and all other information and its structure. In my review I analyze how you present your vision and I provide you with detailed recommendations for improvement. With this you enhance the chances of fundraising success. 


My passion lies in elevating entrepreneurs and propelling startup companies to the stars. Through mentoring, advisory services, and occasional fractional executive management, I am here to provide invaluable support and guidance. Working with entrepreneurs like you brings me joy, and I applaud you for bringing external perspectives into this critical phase of fund raising.


While often my review work is paying it forward to the startup community, its value to starting entrepreneurs is immeasurable. Approaching pitch decks through the lens of an investor and a sales professional, I understand that your pitch is a presentation aimed at selling stock in your company. That is the purpose of my work for you: help you sell your story and build your company.


Drawing on my extensive background in sales, marketing, business operations, and restructuring, I bring a wealth of industry experience to our dialogue. My knowledge, expertise, and creativity, coupled with a broad understanding of diverse ecosystems, technologies, business models, and value systems, inform this comprehensive review.


Please explore my blog, where I've shared articles on creating compelling pitch decks and more. Many articles provide useful guidelines, check lists and best practices. 

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The Deep Review Report is 20-25 pages with analysis and recommendations for each page of your pitch deck. Plus additional thoughts and suggestions.

Limited Availability 

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