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The Power 
of Converging Forces

Strategic Thinking and Practical Execution for Startup Acceleration and Operational Turnaround

Discover a dynamic approach to supercharge your startup's journey to success. With a background in sales, marketing, and operations management, I specialize in assisting founders who crave more than just mentoring but aren't ready to onboard full-time experts. Even if you've been through accelerator programs or are a seasoned serial entrepreneur, there's often room for pitch deck enhancement. You need that extra set of eyes and specialized skills to truly shine.


Your challenges typically involve creating the next-gen pitch deck, diving deep into market opportunities, competition, value propositions, and more. This blueprint charts your company's path forward. A tailored pitch deck emerges, adapted to your audience and purpose.


What's common among founders is the need for both strategic guidance and practical mentoring, coupled with hands-on consulting to enhance your company roadmap. Sales and marketing strategies take center stage, with a focus on lead generation and flawless execution.


For scaleups grappling with growth and operational hurdles, my expertise in change management and turnarounds proves invaluable. I can step in as a consultant, a fractional partner, or even become your full-time operating ally, navigating you through these complex challenges.


Startup budgets can be tight, and I understand the need to make every dollar count. That's why I've crafted high-value service plans at reasonable prices. You have the flexibility to cancel or expand as needed. For longer-term commitments, we can work out customized arrangements to suit your goals. Booking my services online is quick and hassle-free.


Bring your startup to the stars with my strategic prowess, hands-on support, and commitment to your growth. Success is just a click away and start your free pitch deck review.



H. Mark Meijer is a highly accomplished sales and marketing executive with a wealth of international business, operations, and governance experience.

From 2012 to 2016, Mark held key positions in the intellectual property/legal advisory and asset management industry with industry leaders such as Zacco (now Opsec Security) and Novagraaf (now Questel). Serving as both a group sales and marketing director and CEO, Mark successfully built and led a high-performing sales organization, implementing efficient processes and spearheading the digital transformation of the business.

In his CEO role, Mark demonstrated exceptional leadership by successfully restructuring the company, streamlining processes, and reducing staff. His experience extends to working with private equity firms, overseeing smooth integration processes, and facilitating company divestments.

Between 2007 and 2011, Mark held pivotal roles in the recruitment consulting and staffing sector, serving as a sales director and managing director for esteemed organizations such as RGP (Deloitte/EY), Manpower, and Boyden. Prior to this, he spent 12 years at Gartner, where he worked on IT and business transformation initiatives, playing a pioneering role in global account management. Mark's sales achievements and entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of a successful global service practice.

Originally from the Netherlands, Mark has been a permanent resident of the New York Metro Area since 2018. With his extensive expertise and a proven track record of driving successful transformations, Mark is a trusted advisor for companies seeking accelerated growth and operational improvement

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