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IP Funding Strategies

Leverage Your IP for Capital Raising

In the current economy startups continue to struggle to raise capital for growth due to de-risking and re-valuation of companies by investors.

"IP centric companies", essentially  are companies that own patented technologies and often have a unique pathway that they can exploit: their IP assets. These startups have an opportunity to create an IP-centric pitch, presenting the strongest business potential of their Intellectual Property. How?

1. Asset Improvement - your patents have to be evaluated in a dynamic context to assess their technical and legal qualities and market potential. Is the market trend up or down and what is the market value over time? A gap-analysis will help you identify the relative strength or weakness of your IP assets and will identify any actions for mitigation.

2.Commercialization Modeling - your patents have commercial value which can be evaluated using advanced data modeling techniques. However, your IP assets must be analyzed within the global market and its dynamics in order to transform your IP into a marketing instrument and communicate value and risk. Typically this type of business analysis requires specialist know-how of patents, trademarks, data sources and advanced data science.

In the article Stand Out in Startup Fundraising: Intellectual Property Rights I outlined the importance of leveraging your IP assets for capital formation.

Serious entrepreneurs that want to exploit their IP assets need to review their IP and create an IP Funding Strategy. 

Whether you are at seed-stage, series A, B or C use your IP for capitalization.  
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