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An internationally experienced leader with vision and ability to innovate, execute and turnaround. Managed teams and people up to 170 fte and service revenues ranging up to $ 90 million. 


Successfully led the restructuring of a 100 fte IP consulting company, following a failed merger and integration. Reducing workforce with 30% within 6 months and achieving positive EBITDA within 9 months. Company is divested.

Led global high performance (30% YOY) sales and account teams in IT, working across the full spectrum of IT and business transformation with c-suite executives  of blue chip companies in integrated oil, electronics and IT services, and growing revenues 200-500%. Started new ventures, developing, resourcing and selling the IT service. Ultimately generating $ 70 million in annual recurring revenues (ARR).


Rebuilt a sales organization including personnel hiring for a staffing organization in distress. Managed sales growth of 75% and improved profit margin 80% through sales discipline and KPI performance management. Accomplished turnaround prior to further integration.


Led and initiated strategic business planning in legal advisory and asset administration services. Provide coaching and mentoring to CEO’s and country MD’s. Prepare and deliver strategic presentations to Board-members and private equity firms.


For an IP firm devised a market segmentation plan, including organizational design for digital business. Planned the carve out strategy, transitioning clients to a new service model. Started hiring and building the organization.


In a 100 fte legal consultancy managed HR and a high impact redundancy program. In parallel improve staff motivation and moral and reduce sick leave from 10% to less than 1% within 11 months.


Led the transformation from a decentralized IP administrative organization into a central administration, including billing, with streamlined processes and IT systems enablement within 6 months.


Implemented a group wide social intranet solution in 5 countries in a legal consultancy. Led the change communication and messaging for the chief executive.

New York Office
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